About me

Through my blog, I share with you narrations of mundane experiences of some of my life’s simple treasures: Grace, Peace, and Love as I journey into Self-Discovery.

For me, life seems to have many random parts, I view it as gift to be unwrapped daily in the awareness of the ‘NOW’ while embracing the journey. I believe that free-will is what adds to adventures marked by: the choice of words, of thought, and of action and reaction. Through these choices, we also manage the course of our experience in Life.

Our lives are full of chapters. Some are happy while others may be sad; it’s all how we choose to interpret things. Challenges are part of the human experience, I’ve had my share and accepting that there will be more; the challenges have provided intense lessons which I ‘survived’. Those experiences and challenges have allowed me to stand in the present moment a greater person.

I have lived a very colorful life and have had a diverse career history… from being a Deputy Sheriff of a big Metropolitan to having a political role as a Mayor of a small city. I welcome what’s next to come with an open heart and mind.

My life is made more colorful with my husband and son, our cats and garden.

I have learned that whatever it is I am doing… every moment is an opportunity for me to BE engaged in personal discovery. This leads me to a deeper exploration of the I am within me and my connection with God.

ps: TOS and Disclaimer. Please keep in mind that what you see on a blog is not ‘all’ of a person’s life… I spare you the tears and the pain for I know you have a bagful of those yourself. Just like the cosmos, there is organized chaos in everyone’s life…just as there is happiness, there is also frustration and struggle.

My intent is – through this portal may you find a safe place and a friend.

May peace be with you…XOXO