A Moment in Eternity

I am of the opinion that the concept of eternity is one that is a bit complicated to grasp. What makes it complicated is that while I understand the idea of no end… in the context of eternity is there a beginning?

Thinking of eternity in the context of my very existence can also be very exhaustive… and I can only imagine if ones life has been of toil and labor, who wants more of that!?

Yet… when I step out of my way and think of the greater picture, the collective WE. One lifetime is not enough to co-create with others in this plane of existence where by design the flesh is so fragile. I stand in wonder when many join in solidarity and love to do great wonders and for a moment I see the magnificence of our creator uniting in the many to become one. I see in that moment the concept of eternity.

Given the concept of eternity and of spirit, I give pause to the idea of life beyond this plane… I can only imagine what wonders exist beyond the stars or for that matter the magic called life within a protoplasm… yet here I am a mere human. Is it not a wonder that a star and a protoplasm exist with a purpose? and yet many humans struggle to get out of bed for lack of one.

It is this concept of eternity that offers solace to my soul… and I hope to you as well, especially if you have lost a loved one such as we have this past week. 

My little brother Edwin’s Wife Marlene passed away, she is survived by 2 daughters, Jacqueline and Melanie. May she rest in peace.

Let’s rejoice for the kind of radiance expressed by the spirit when in moments of lucid existence man steps up to his highest calling… and embraces the present as eternity.

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