Garden Walk 2020

We are approaching June as well as our hot Florida Summer days, while not much has changed in the garden we’ve had a few additions worth mentioning.

garden back 2015
I started playing with the idea of adding more dashes of flowers here and there as well as anchoring the front yard with some Magnolia trees and Dogwoods. I sprinkled some vegetables in the Perma garden. Overall I am happy with what it’s evolving into.

Come, let’s go for a picture walk around our garden.
Pictured here: very plump banana tree with fruit, Papaya tree being very generous, and to the far right is showcasing the interior permagarden path with added mulch. Adding mulch to the paths has created a new micro-environment where the soil in different areas is now a bit more richer and I’ve been seeing worms and worm castings.

It was late in season and I had missed planting salad greens so I went ahead and sprinkled some boc-choy in front of the pear tree and created a path behind it – this created a visual opportunity to see the Aloes that were planted behind the pear tree as well while adding a place to walk on (and also places to work while weeding). In the interiour I placed a wire mesh and started growing loofa… I just love how it has been vining itself up around the banana trees.

For a girl that believes in angels… the Angel Trumpet is a must. I grew this from a clipping from a neighbors plant and after walking around with it for quite some time around the garden… it ended up in the interior of the permagarden. The pink blooms are a splash of splendor to see especially when there is so much green around.

Now talk about impressive flowers… how about this majestic Mammoth Sunflower! wowzee and lovely! It grew over 6 feet in height and the flower bloom itself was over a foot across.

Now I’ll tell you what was a pleasant surprise… the Chrysanthemums, unlike most of the annual flowers growing in the garden, this bunch I purchased already grown and re-potted out in the planter box in the garden… they just keep on keeping on!

Pictured below are more fun things… I experimented this year with a bag of Chamomile for tea, I sprinkled it into a pot and was very surprised that the seeds were viable! Then… there was another surprise, the volunteer Passion Flower vine popped up and as always, the purple flowers are so whimsical and a favorite among the Gulf Fliterary butterflies… the Fliterary caterpillars eat the leaves till there is nothing on the vine.

To the bottom right are these little carnations that have really been pretty hardy, they appear to be quite happy growing in the pot in full sun.

Adding splashes of flowers here and there make it fun for the eyes. As much as my intention would be to have a perfect manicured garden… it just ends up being this random thing here and there. At the South end of the front yard the intention was to create a Camelia hedge, unfortunately only half of the plants remain and I am quite happy that not all died on me. Loving the color on this Camellia flower.

Pictured in the bottom center is Mexican Poppy, both my mother and uncle say it is valued in the medicinal garden – bloom and leaves can be used in teas.

To the right… Zinnias, Zinnias, I’m crazy about Zinnias. Enough said on Zinnias, love ’em!

In a section along the interior path of the permagarden we have a pineapple row (pictured above), this year we have three in bloom. I may have to throw a mesh over them to protect from the racoons. Towards the backyard behind the house we have a couple of peach trees, and despite the poor appearance it gave us very delicous fruit. Another bush that provided its first year of fruit was the Caribbean Cherry bush… I suppose something was after the fruit because everytime I would go to harvest the pickings I thought were there from the night before… would not be there in the morning. I did have the opportunity to munch on one or two.

Other little splendors for the eyes, sprinkled under an orange tree in the permagarden is Milkweed – fascinating to learn how different butterflies are attracted to specific flowers. Milkweed is a favorite for the Monarchs.

On the North side of the house I have a little Begonia bunch growing, the flowers are pretty dainty and tend to dance in the wind. Lastly also on the North side of the house I am growing a random patch of Mint. I love making Mint Iced tea. So deliciously refreshing.

At the front of the house towards the entry, the intention is to have a sentinnel tree greeting our family and friends… this lovely Magnolia will have that task. Picture to the left was taken in March… and the picture to the right was in May both this year of 2020 – I was surprised how much it had grown in less than two months. Look at that bloom!! Too bad we can’t do a scratch and sniff, the scent is lovely.

As we wrap this picture garden walk… I take you to the South West corner of the front garden to my wildflower patch. I’ve been trying to figure out how to soften the corners… and this was my answer to that conundrum. I purchased a mix bag of wildflowers… I think the bag had more peat moss than it did flower mix… but here is the result. I LOVE it! A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’ll leave you with this little video clip of the wildflowers and…

make sure to come back and visit with me again!

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