Happiness is a joy of being.

Take a minute to ponder on this:

    I AM happy.

See the key word in that sentence? It is… AM.

Happiness starts with you deciding to BE that way despite of what is happening in your life. Start with the life you have, don’t wait for riches or the perfect person to enter your life.


Make a decision today that you will look for something in your life that brings that magical joy that is felt at the core… focus on that and build up on that feeling…of being happy.

Choose to BE happy. Remember, there is always someone less fortunate than you. Problems are going to come and go in your life….but the state of mind you choose to be in is all up to you.

It’s not what’s happening to us that matters, it’s how we choose to handle what’s happening.

Daisy Says: Happiness is a choice.