The Value of One Life

What interesting times we are living through… we don’t get to read it in a history book – we get to live it.

This ‘health pandemic’ (COVID-19) has everyone coping with it in their own way… which is why it is very important to be extra mindful and kind. How people deal with this situation is running a gamut of reactions from fear to indifference.

The recent statement from President Donald J. Trump regarding the stats about the big question… “what if we did nothing?”. He stated that the stats came back from the professionals… if we did nothing – no social distancing etc… there would be over 2.2 million deaths. The action taken by EACH INDIVIDUAL to self-isolate could potentially reduce that number in the area of 100,000 deaths (still a large number).

It has given me time to ponder on the value of one life. How precious life is, the miracle that coming into being is – the value of one life – priceless.

So… as the government is scrambling for ways to reduce the spread, people are being asked to self-isolate, which then trickles to businesses closing – sending many sectors of our economy to a screeching halt. No doubt we are all in this, we are all affected in some way or other. As individuals in times of crisis, we are showing the best and worst of us – what a time to rise above our selfishness and open our hearts to our selflessness.

Anyways, back to the value of one life…. the government comes up with a $2.2 trillion economic relief package that is intended to provide American families, healthcare workers, and small businesses with the economic support to get through this challenging time. The ‘2020 bail-out’

I share this because… I was thinking about how in the city of LakeHelen during budget one of the most expensive service that ” #wethepeople ” pay for is fire services – astronomical compared to the ratio of what our bigger sister cities pay – yet, until a better solution comes up we collectively cave into paying those fees because -yup – the value of one life.

Stay with me, did you know that “When a federal agency wants to implement a new regulation, it often needs to answer one basic question first: Do the benefits outweigh the costs? One way of calculating how beneficial a regulation might be is to measure how many deaths it would prevent, and what each life saved is worth.”

Some federal agencies have decided that your life is exceedingly valuable. Depending on which federal agency you research… it could be from 8 to $10 million.


I share this not to diminish what the government is doing for you.. for me, for us. Not to show that these institutions see you and me as having finite worth.

I share this to bring this into perspective, that it is upon us to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and to have compassion and care for each other. These institutions are charged with the responsibility of resources and services. It is our responsibility to hold these agencies accountable to provide the services and resources we pay in as taxpayers.

Bringing it back to ‘what is the value of one life?’ You and I are not government agencies… we have a heartbeat… for me, the answer is – the value of one life? Priceless

The challenge is… where do we for the sake of freedom draw the line as to how far will we the people allow governments to restrict our freedoms?

Do people lack the common sense to take care of each other while still engaging in trade? Is society so far indoctrinated that they are eager to be handed fish rather than learn to fish?

Let us unite in this challenge and demonstrate a show of solidarity with the human race and ‘the value of one life’ and see the world through this ‘health pandemic’ – let us regain some common sense. IF you are sick, stay home, nurse yourself back to health (or go see a doctor).

We are all making big sacrifices – we are creating history together, the future will let us know what that sacrifice was. Benjamin Franklin said something like “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

No One Values Your Life More Than the Federal Government

The Cost of a Human Life, Statistically Speaking…/

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