Integrity in Government

Is there such a thing as integrity in government?

So first to make sure I don’t step in the mud… I wiki’ed the word integrity:
“Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.”

This is a random musing from an experience I went through during my campaigning for re-election for mayor. Funny how some things take a while before one can experience complete healing – I can talk about it now since the wounds have healed.

In Florida, they have this thing called the “Sunshine Law” which pretty much translates to, all matters must be aired in public. So what is a person to do… well, not just a person, what is an elected official in the capacity of Mayor to a city supposed to do when faced with an issue that questions an employee’s integrity?

May I add, not just any employee but the city administrator? That is pretty much the highest-paid executive position in the city. The position calls for that person overseeing pretty much every aspect of the government, touching contracts, documents, emails, financials, and budget. Pretty important position, requiring in my opinion a person of high integrity.

I must add, I serve on a commission with people I actually like, each one has some redeeming quality that I would love to espouse. Optimally, in private business one would call or meet with one’s business associate and discuss issues to find peaceful resolutions. The public doesn’t sit in on those conversations, the media doesn’t feed on the minutia of how the organization addresses employee matters. So what is a Mayor of a city (or fellow commissioners) supposed to do when faced with an issue of observing what could be possible malfeasance perpetrated by the city administrator?

The issue that I brought out fell on deaf ears of the commission I served with. I wonder now if there was a political reason why other commissioners chose to look the other way… I can even suspect from the voices of the rumor mill that it was all part of a counter-campaign plot so I would lose the vote and confidence of the people.

The drama of politics happening at the peak of my Mayor re-election campaign season. With Truth as my shield, I prevailed.

In conclusion… don’t bend your integrity to make up for the lack of it in others.

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