On Humanity

A letter to Self.

Hello dear friend,

It’s been awhile since our last talk together. I have grown so much since those days of giggle and laughter, of cloud guessing games and blowing on dandelion wishes.

The soul and the human, together yet separate… this still amazes me.

My thoughts on humanity has me forlorn and missing you- I can feel you my dear soul, yet you’re so far away. I am living in interesting times and have met some interesting characters that today has me evaluating the human existence (and wonder if I am one of them myself or simply a spec that will go unnoticed). As I ponder my place in humanity I conclude that we humans are creatures of self-interest.

I have embraced my journey and am glad that I am not jaded from life experiences and tribulations… I am rather grateful for the diversity of these experiences and have come to understand that there is an underlying theme in humanity: ‘What’s in it for me’… that appears to be the human prime directive. Satisfying that personal hunger is of utmost importance to humans. We will pursue our interest at all cost… and most of us will be quick to put the blame on others if things don’t go our way.

I have been taken aback by the pious sector who choose to follow a set of codified religious rule and to hell with everyone else that do not acquiesce to their views. I believe that religion may yet prove to be the ‘great divider’ of us all. It is behind the veil of righteousness that they do their deeds yet these same people I have found to have weaved lies and stories in the pursuit of their self-interests. Documents have been altered, tales have been spun, an eye for an eye, ‘do unto you as I want to do’ as long as I get what I want- is their motto.

The Truth is a dream. When humanity sees Good, they no longer understand Good and begin to tear it down looking for imperfection just to prove to the world that there is no Good left. They seek for Truth outside of themselves, they seek for Hope not in humanity but ‘Out There’ on the Ethers of the Universe.

This desire for self-gratification in the pursuit of self-interest has left some of us void of Love and Compassion.

In the smile of an innocent child we humans see the Hope of Humanity. Yet slowly through media: television, radio, music, internet, teachers, political leaders, the words we speak in conversation and the actions we perform – poison – the only Hope we have: Our children, our humanity.

Everyone of us carry that innocent child within us and for fear of abuse from our fellow man…. we keep the child safe and guarded behind layers and layers of doubt and suspicion. Yet every now and then, a soul steps up to remind us of the Love in the world, of Compassion and Hope. We listen, we want to believe and for a glimpse we see our Truth.

Human plight has its moments with peaks and valleys. Yet as the clouds roll through the heavens there are many unsung heroes, advocates and crusaders of humanity planting the seeds of Patience, Courage, Perseverance. They know that the rains will come and that the rains are much needed. Dutifully they find the Joy to carry them through the dark days and are ever Grateful for the task.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato

I send you my Love may you keep well and pray for me that I be Brave to share my inner child with humanity.

Daisy Says: Through Love humanity will survive.

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