Thankful Thanksgiving

The holidays for some can be the best time and for others the worst of times.

When we lived closer to my family it was nice to fill the house with the cheer of family and enjoy all the good cooking from my sister in laws.

With the passing of my dad and the change of dynamics in families… you know, things happen families move around and kids grow up … having their own life and responsibilities makes for a different kind of Thanksgiving.

We were elated when Geordan called in telling us he’d be down for a few days and would be able to come and grace us on Thanksgiving day.  He’s our piece of heaven and his presence fills up not only our hearts but also our home.

It is said that if a glass of water was filled halfway, we can either choose to see a glass half full or half empty; and so I believe that it is better to see the blessings in all aspects of our lives because overall it tends for a better experience and I believe that a thankful heart is a blessed and happy heart… of course this does not mean to ignore that which makes you aware of your plight, only means that you will not allow circumstance to dictate your ability to choose what emotion you wish to dignify.

My Thanksgiving gift for you is that you may choose to find something no matter how small to be thankful for… and in doing so your thankful heart will be full with abundant blessing of peace and in that peace, that you may find comfort.

Happy Thanksgiving

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