Anyone can hold the helm… when the sea is calm.

Every time that we put off pursuing our dream or accomplishing a goal we raise the wall of self-denial… we slowly build up foundations for lack of confidence in ourselves. We become liars to our own minds.
Do you recall the last time someone made a promise to you?
Someone gave you their word and did not come through for you? (How did you feel?).

Well, every time we deny our word to ourselves…we silently destroy our own self-confidence and worthiness.

Allow yourself to rise today to the challenge of your own unique ability to change your own life, to find that which personally fulfills you. Whatever that ‘something’ may be, get up a little earlier and show up for life. Put in a 10-minute workout, a stretch, or a walk. Decide to stick to that new diet, that new project or goal. Approach that nasty task that you’ve been putting off with resolve and commitment.

Your happiness is not at the hands of others – it begins with YOUR decision. You are greater than you give yourself credit for, God creates wonders and YOU are one of these creations!
No more excuses carry a new mantra like a badge of honor: “if it’s meant to be —- it’s up to me!”

The storms of life help build character and when it’s over, it’s who we’ve become that really matters. It’s not how we start in this life that really matters, but how we finish.
‘Get ‘er done!’

Daisy Says: It is in the moment of the storm that character is developed.