Patreon and Creating Community

Of all the things I’ve done on earth so far
that has brought me the greatest of humanity

creating community through connections.

I’ve had many adventures and by no design of my own but the Grace of God
I’ve worked in diverse fields… whether serving at Burger King, or chasing felons as a police officer… or even having served as a Mayor for the city of Lake Helen, Florida. I have had the help of angels and God’s Divine Grace.

I can’t deny that part of me… the part that that feels this deep connection to something greater, and oddly my brain can’t explain the science of it and I suppose that is why we humans relate to things unexplained as ‘supernatural’.

I don’t know what other plans God has for me.. nor how many more ‘earth credits’ I have, but I chose to embrace the Light and Love that is His work through me and for me.

Sharing this journey and finding others that I can connect with is probably one of the most grounding experience for me… and it also gives me a purpose to find ways to lift others while lifting myself.

i’m creating contemplative messages for the heart, mind and soul on patreon – HERE.