Austin and Gianna’s Wedding

I almost don’t know where to start… so in a world of eternity we must pick a place to start – in this life time 27 years ago George and I were asked to be Godparents to this precious soul -Austin Webb.

In a blink of an eye… Austin has grown into a fine young man.  Last year he and Gianna declared their engagement. 

George and I were honored to witness this union and pray that God bless them with love, courage, health, happiness and wisdom.

The wedding venue at the Kapok Tree in Clearwater Florida was lovely.

It was as if we were whisked away into an enchanting dream… as all weddings should be.  As we entered the venue we were greeted by Italian styled statues and fountains, beautiful maintained garden and live music serenading the air.

Truly magical.

I pray that this magic endures in the hearts of Austin and Gianna and strengthens their bond.

It was not difficult to get caught up in the magic of the ambiance, the music, and perfect natural light of the sun.

 Gregg and Debbie with their first born son: Austin.

This by far captures that precious moment before a bride makes the grand entrance before her vows.

May this be the beginning of a great adventure for the two.

...and Austin says, "I do"

The knot is tied.

Seriously, you had to be there, this was a happy strut 😍

The cocktail hour was perfect, we had a chance to have a special time with the father of the groom -Gregg and reminisce on days gone by… ooh how fast they go.  And George happy to see old acquaintances as well.  The tapas and drinks just kept flowing.

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The little brother and best man – Tyler toast and speech. XOXO

The grand entrance as
Mr. & Mrs. Webb

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

I pray that they both can face whatever challenges the world deals them with this same fun and laughter.  I’ve learned that at the end of the day it is not the challenge that matters, it’s how we embrace and move on.

The celebration at the reception was fabulous!  It was wonderful to see the proud mom Debbie, dancing with her son, she was radiating with pride and love.

Austin and Gianna, God bless your union, may the years ahead be the best ever.

I like these pictures of George… he was so happy that tie was optional! 😘😅🤣

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