Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers play such an important role in our lives.

I can pretty much ask anyone to tell me about either their favorite or least favorite teacher while growing up… and in an instant the person’s demeanor changes back to that child.

That is how long lasting impressions teachers leave on us and remain in our hearts til forever.

I attended Haverstraw Elementary School in Rockland County, New York. Beautiful school with walking distance to the Hudson River.

Haverstraw was a magical town (and I do hope it still is magical) – the kind of town where kids rode their bicycles in the afternoon, played in the autumn leaves and bobbed for apples, kids could be seen throwing frisbee on their front lawn, flying kites in the Summer, or walking to the town library on a lazy Saturday afternoon and you could simply see children reading books, and folks having picnics by the Hudson river shores- sounds magical and it was.

It was and is everything you expect from a Northern school built in 1935, with beautiful red bricks, expansive front lawn that would fill with kids playing. Off to one of the sides under a canopy of trees was a detached building for the kinder grade – which also had a raised bed veggie garden.

For me, there are three teachers I remember fondly. Thinking back … I believe that the trust that my heart felt had to do with each teacher’s level of Love and Care for each one of us. At least for me, it felt that I was loved exclusively without judgement; and as I reflect on this memory, that was how each of these teachers treated each one of us, as if we were the only child in their classroom. I think that is a gift.

1. My kindergarten teacher – Mr. Riba. My first teacher ever was a man; a man who other than my father was kind, firm and loving. A good impression of men was left in my heart because of Mr. Riba.

2. Mrs. Green. My 3rd grade teacher, what a delight! She just oozed love, I just wanted to eat up everything this teacher taught me – she presented everything in a magical way. (My friend De D’Onofrio has that kind of magic). I remember a very child like experience…

it was Halloween, and we stepped onto a lovely expansive porch of a lovely home (the kind you see in the movies), we rang the bell. As the door opened we shouted ‘Trick or Treat!’ and who stood before us? why, it was Mrs. Green!! I had a princess costume – and back in those days the costumes had masks – I find that amusing now. Mrs. Green knew who I was even with my mask!! She was so adorable. But the story going through my head was… I truly believed that teachers lived at the school, so that day I will always remember as the day that a awoke from the heavenly realm to life as a human.

and the third teacher
3. Mrs. Lovelace. I remember her cherry blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was so gentle in speech and manner. I learned the love of words through her. I will never forget that.

(below pictured is Mrs. Green and our class)

God bless Teachers, give them Joy, Patience, Wisdom and Love. For this I say Teachers such as the ones I experienced in my life are Beautiful Souls.

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