The Power of Thank You

Thank You

In your personal or business life “thank you” can help strengthen your relationships. I discovered a Lenox etiquette poll stating that nearly five out of every 10 people don’t always say thanks. They also found that remembering to do so made a sales point of difference in peoples career. Thank-you notes are key to maintaining the personal relationships that support the business relationships.

People like to feel appreciated and recognized, a simple act of recognizing people will set you apart. I recall during the early years of my marriage George would get irritated every time he would do an act of kindness or simple consideration for me (like brining me a cup of coffee, bringing something I had left in the car, mowing the lawn, etc) I would always thanked him… he kept telling me…”you don’t have to thank me”. My belief is that abuse or taking people for granted starts at home. No one is obligated to do anything for you… their responsibility is to be the best human they possibly can be – and in that act we can only be grateful.

There is a book on this topic that you may find as good read entitled: Thank You Power by Deborah Norville

Besides the simple thank you we can share at home…here are some different opportunities to thank people at work:

  • A new client/customer
  • Someone who makes a referral
  • A peer who gives you helpful hand
  • As a follow-up after a meeting or phone call
  • When someone shows you a kindness

Make sure to send out ‘Thank-you” notes or e-mails within 48 hours of whatever you’re thanking for.

Daisy Says: Be thankful from the heart.

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