Kittie Update

I want to take this time and give you an update on our felines – it seems that life is on fast forward and I want to share some cute pictures, cause these beings are too adorable, these little beings fill our days with Love. I’ll start off with the Diva… Miss Helen. She’s the original barn cat on our property and has earned her title.

Moving on to our little “elf-ballerina”- Dottie, she’s just so cute! Her specialty is sleeping.

Now we’ll move onto the boys, starting with Liberty as he’s Dottie’s brother. He’s always the first at the snack bar and can hear the opening of the treat box from anywhere in the house. He’s also the master lizard catcher.

Then we have that “special” cat, the one that gets into everything! In our family, it’s Mittens! His curiosity almost cost him his life whatever happened he came home with a limp and hid in the closet for a week, he’s never attempted to get past the front gate since then. Then when mom was visiting she accidentally closed him inside one of the dresser drawers for over 12 hours… we were desperately looking for him everywhere!

Mittens adds so much color to our life… we just never know what adventure he wants to take us into. It’s as if everything is new every single moment. How splendid and crazy both at the same time.

Meesho is the cat that you don’t really see too much of, except ofcourse for chow time… he just appears, and he’s very vocal about it and grateful too! These past few days we’ve had plenty rain here in Zone 9 and all the cats have been inside – and getting along pretty well. Little Bear and Meesho have something going on. Little Bear act’s as if he’s the boss (don’t tell Miss Helen that) and Meesho likes to make him think he is; between the both of them there is this little territorial thing going on, at first one would think they are going to get into a bad cat fight and then, I turn around and find them sleeping within 2 feet of each other. Go figure!

… and finally we get to Little Bear. We Love all our cats, and we have made it a point to make sure the little black cats get love too… George and I decided, since all these cats have made it into our lives, we’re going to make it a point that at least one is black… only because they’ve gotten such a bad rap. We have come to learn that black cats are very very smart… and it’s a privelege to befriend any feline as they are loyal, centered yet detached – truly cats are zen masters of our times. Little Bear is no exception… just look at this picture as he silhouttes himself on the tree, coincidently on the Full Moon. What a show-off!

I love how at different times they choose each others company, whether it’s to inspect something, to nap, eat, or explore. They are such noble beings, and we can learn much from them. George and I feel very blessed to share this part of the journey with them.

So, here we are… with six cats, which have made there way into our homes and our hearts each one with a story we couldn’t say no to.

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