Mariner’s Cove- Green Springs Park

February really snuck up on me, it was not like a surprise … I was indifferently living through the days making excuses for really not planning out our 29th Anniversary. It didn’t help that we’ve had a wet Valentine’s and the weather ‘experts’ forecast rain.

Anyways… here we are, anniversary day, and either we do something or we mark it as just another year that came and left. As I’ve had the privilege to continue to mark another year not only in our relationship but also being alive, I’ve come to learn that things should be celebrated and life should have mile markers and little things that you can look back on to reflect upon those experiences.

My plan for this year was to try and visit one Florida Spring, state/county park, or unknown nature destination for a day hike, picnic, or canoe each month. This does include the beaches!

Second destination: Mariner’s Cove- Green Springs Park, in historic Enterprise, Florida.

So as one who musters the zest for life would say… “Carpe Diem” my friend…! I packed a lunch and grabbed my honeyboo.

Now I must say, honeyboo turned into grumpypoo because well, this park seemed to be smack in the middle of like… what I would call a busy neighborhood by (Volusia County standards) and the markings for the park were not very visible. Luckily I was able to get the map up on the mobile phone and we were back on track. We arrive at Green Springs Park and for a moment the road into the park seemed rather narrow – there were signs alerting that the road is shared with cyclists. No big deal, simply something that threw us off. The parking is not very big which leads me into the next part of the experience….

This park covers 31 acres of pristine nature and is known for one of Florida’s few green sulfur springs. It has various creeks flowing through with rich auburn colored water flowing and the slight smell of sulfur in the air. If I had not read that sulfur was in the water, I probably would have thought it was the rich decomposition of wood and leaves.

There were historical markers throughout the trail giving information about the park and early settlers. In 1842 Cornelius Taylor -a timber agent, obtained land grants and called his settlement “Enterprise”, it drew many tourists as they were attracted to the ‘healing’ springs.

Native Americans, including the Mayaca and Seminoles, considered the land sacred because they thought the sulfur water in the springs was healing.

I’ve heard some people say… they don’t get the fascination about visiting Florida Parks – ‘you visit one you’ve visited them all, same vegitation blah blah blah…’. Not so.

God’s hand is in every detail of Nature. Just like there are no two sunrise or sunset the same. A little cloud here, a bit of blue and orange, a dash of red there. In Nature, I am as a child once more, fascinated by a leaf, a twisted branch… the sounds of song birds and smells of Earth.

So often we get caught up – are we doing things right by others? Not realizing that each relationship as well as each person is unique and that we all have different seasons. I had no clue about what this season of my life would be… this year I will turn 59 and find myself pretty lucky to have someone to celebrate those years with. 29 years together… not so easy, truth is, not so bad either.

I find it amusing that I use to think that older people had it all together, that couples that made it past X amount of years were in their “Happily Ever After” story. wow, how naive and how far away from the truth. It’s a journey, everything, and the whole self-discovery, it’s a lot to take in. Just when you think you’ve uncovered some new knowledge… it only takes you to the edge of what there is to be. (left with no words to explain the wonder of how God created everything) For sure, the best investment anyone can make is on themselves, not in a vain sort of way, more in the get good rest, eat well, exercise cause you will be in your body way past when the youth has left.

Green Springs… in the middle of a residential neighborhood makes it such a great place for a picnic, a stroll, bird watching… just an overall pleasant getaway for a few hours. I captured a few magical moments, such as the swing vine, the cameo tree (that’s what I call it), and the gentle moss growing on the ground.

Benches and pavilions throughout the park makes it inviting to stop and enjoy the sounds of birds and gentle rustling of leaves, and so we also found a nice pavilion and had a delightful picnic lunch.

Until the next adventure.

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