One of the best Thanksgiving Dinner and Birthday celebration ever! – the one thing that could have made this better is… having Geordan and papi with us. I suppose not having dad around made it easy for Geordan to not want to come with us.

The only damper on this special day is the long 4 hour drive down to Miami. It’s only one of me, and well, my brothers live 15 minutes away from each other so it’s on me to make the treck to the Thanksgiving gathering.

Funny how once we arrive and see the smiling faces of the people we love and give those long awaited hugs… all that weary tiredness goes away and what is left is just more room for love and laughter.

I love my brother’s new home, Mildre – my sister-in-law has done a beautiful job decorating and furnishing the place. The big white tiles are just so wonderful to roll on. Yes… I did lay on the floor, and immediately our family pets Heide and Chloe came running to me. I just love how dogs are so forgiving and as if time never passed – fills my heart thinking of them right now and their little tails wagging and the air filled with their happy barking.

I use to not want to fuss over my birthday… I mean, yes going out to dinner was nice, it’s that cake thing that I forgot how much fun it really is. For my 57th birthday I asked my mother if she could see about ordering a Dominican cake with pineapple filling. It had been a few years since I had this special cake. What a wonderful treat it was!

I don’t know how often it happens, but every so many years it just happens that Thanksgiving falls on my birthday – and that is just so wonderful. Two of my favorite days coming together as one. How lucky can a girl be!?

Thanksgiving 2019, grateful to celebrate 57 years of life surrounded by my family who love me and all my quirkiness.