Rolling out with 2021

Let not the winds of the past roll into the future. Oh please please, please.

Dottie, our little princess cat got up early and looked out the window to report: “Oh baby, it’s cold outside.”

The first day of the New Year was sunny and chilly. We did not allow the weather to refrain us from another family tradition, the New Year’s Day visit to a Florida beach.

It’s a shame to live in the state of Florida, a peninsula with oceans on 3 coasts and not take advantage of paradise! As tradition has it, I grabbed my beach hat and with George, we set this New Year in gear.

We had an early start to New Smyrna Beach, traffic was light and the trip was pleasant. It was nice to see the beach filled with sunbathers (even though it was cold by my standard), cyclists and a few cars had parked on the beach sand as it is allowed in New Smyrna Beach. I personally am not fond of the idea of cars parking on the beach specially yards away from paved roads… even though I could see the romantic history of a time when visitors would drive onto the beach.

I don’t let my disapproval of something ruin other people’s experience, the planet is big enough for us, and our time is so fleeting on it.

Live and Let live, for we will be remembered by our deeds. If remembered at all!

I am grateful to share these experiences with George, and have enjoyed his laughter. Sometimes I wish I could bring more to the relationship, perhaps work more so we can upgrade things and buy him things and travel to different parts of the world. …and then I think about what would I be exchanging? Time. Time away from him.

… as I’ve grown older, my time is non-negotiable. Even if it means the only thing we can afford together is watching the sun set from our kitchen window.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring. What I do know is, as I get older, life gets sweeter.

2021 I’m not asking for surprises, I’ll be bringing peace and calm into the #NewYear.

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